Thursday, September 13, 2007

takE it eAsy..


ALHAMDULILLAH.. its the first day of RAMADHAN..
my prayers to Indonesia citizen.. earthquake here and there.. hopefully they can go through the month of ramadhan with a strong heart..

its a fresh morning today and i woke up late.. ahakkss.. its my first time using the SMART tunnel this morning.. as for me, nothing grand bout it except that maybe it helps me to reach the KL office faster..muahhahahaha..

Thursday, September 6, 2007

LifE as it is..

yeah.. currently i'm in Singapore.. AGAIN.. it is only a week gap between my last trip and this trip..

ouh cay.. here the thing.. top of the list of the most wanted list, none other than the Canon 400D kits.. yeah.. gonna loose lots of money there.. wahahhahaha.. hopefully i could get the best bargain available for me.. the cheapest currently, RM2690 but it comes w/o the bag.. so sad..

as a whole, the month of August and September are pretty much the same.. nothing unusual happened.. its all the same for me..

allrighty.. i'm goin off now.. going for dinner then dozz off..
hopefully i will make it to the morning flight tomorrow..

as always..