Saturday, September 13, 2008

back to town

ALHAMDULILLAH.. i've got new member in my family now.. Anis Sofea.. Born on 11/09/2008 at 7:49 am.. i'm so glad that both the baby and my sister is safe..

i just got back from Miri this evening.. arrived on time for buka puasa..

the chopper from Falcon got delayed and i'm a bit rushing to catch my flight to KL after touched down in Miri Airport at 3.20pm.. my flight to KL depart at 4.15pm.. lucky for me i did managed to catch the flight.. or else, i've to wait for the next flight at 6.15pm via Kuching to get back to KL..

i was onboard for about a week.. work for about average 2 days but get paid for 8 days.. DANG..

till then,

Wednesday, September 3, 2008


I will be on leave today. For any urgent matters, please contact me via mobile.

that will be my out of office reply for today.

i'm currently down with a bad flu and i'm glad my offshore job have been postponed until Saturday. so i will only go to Miri on Friday evening.

something funny happened yesterday. i made myself on a tour for 20 mins inside the departure hall of KLIA. arrived there around 6.40am by airport limo (picked me up around 6.00am) and take a airport limo back to shah alam by 7.00am. yup, this would be the result of last minute cancellation of chopper schedule. i've spent about 3-1/2 hrs (6.00am ~ 9.30am) inside a car on beautiful tuesday morning. on taxi back n forth to KLIA, drive to work in a very bad heavy traffic. well thats how it works if you are working.

and the overal result of this, went back early yesterday (about 3.30pm).
Kaboom, the out of office reply as above. hihihihi

i'm taking my rest now.
no prob. rehat secukupnya.
a reply from my boss. ;p

till then,

Tuesday, September 2, 2008


yup.. going off to KK this early morning eventhough i've known for a fact that my chopper to Falcon have been canceled.. stay in KK and fly to Miri the next day, thats the plan.. hopefully i'll be onboard by Thursday or i'll died of boredome in Miri..
i prefer to be straight onboard falcon rather than staying back in town.. get the job done and back in one piece.. but hey, face it.. thats the reality of ONG life.. unpredictable..

to sunshine - this means, delay in our plan.. really sorry..